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Cleaning services Tampa Florida

Ceramic Tile Cleaning & Concrete Flooring Cleaning Services

Tampa Tile & Gout Cleaning

Ceramic tile and concrete are two of the most common types of flooring used everywhere from warehouses and hospitals to schools and retail establishments. Heavy foot traffic can quickly make tile and concrete floors seem dirty, dingy and lifeless. Mopping and sweeping only gets rid of the top layer of grime; it takes a comprehensive cleaning strategy to completely restore your flooring. Anago provides outstanding janitorial services for all of your commercial cleaning needs, including tile and grout cleaning.

Ceramic Tile Scrubbing

The grout between tiles requires specialized attention. Our detailed ceramic tile cleaning process restores grout back to its original color. Anago's Tampa janitorial staff uses a low-speed scrub machine to loosen and remove dirt from tile and grout. Next, a wet-dry vacuum whisks away any excess debris. If necessary, our ceramic tile cleaning specialists hand-scrub any high-traffic areas with a detailed tile brush. We then utilize a unique acid wash that removes soap scum, stubborn dirt build-up and wax build-up.

Auto Concrete Scrubbing

Tampa Tile & Gout CleaningAnago Tampa's auto scrubbing is the ideal concrete floor cleaning method for large floors found in athletic facilities, warehouses, retail establishments, etc. Our multi-step removes the thick build-up that results from dirt, grease, floor polish, and cleaning product residues. Rid your flooring of "grout haze" with a rejuvenating acid wash that will make older flooring look as good as new!

A clean floor is absolutely critical to making a good first impression on your customers. No one wants to walk into healthcare facility, car dealership, office, or any other business and see discolored floors streaked with dirt and stains. Spotless floors show your patrons and employees that your company is dedicated to a clean working environment.

We specialize in concrete floor cleaning, tile scrubbing, ceramic tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, and a variety of other custom floor care methods to fit your company's needs. Our crews are available 24/7/365. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to meet all of their industry's cleaning standards.

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